The Senate Chambers

Admission to the Senate Chamber

Senate Chamber55. (a) Persons who are not Members, officers, or employees of the Senate may be admitted to the Senate Chamber only as follows:

1. The Members, officers, and assistant clerks of the Assembly. 
2. The Legislative Counsel or his or her representatives. 
3. The accredited press, radio , and television representatives. 
4. Former State Senators and Assembly Members. 
5. Visitors in the chairs reserved for that purpose, on invitation of the President or a Senator or on presentation of a pass. 
(b) While the Senate is in session a person, except Members of the Legislature, may not engage in influencing the passage or defeat of legislation in any way in the Senate Chamber. 
(c) A person meeting the definition of a lobbyist in Section 82039 of the Government Code may not be admitted to the Senate Chamber while the Senate is in session. 
(d) Only Members and officers of the Senate and Assembly, former Members of the Senate, assistant clerks of the Senate and the Assembly, the Legislative Counsel or his or her representatives, Senate employees for the purpose of delivering messages and when so directed by a Member of the Senate, and members of the press who have seats assigned to them may be permitted on the Floor of the Senate. 
(e) The Senate Chamber is the Senate Chamber proper, the adjoining hallway, Rooms 3030, 3046, 3191, 3195, and 3196 of the Capitol Annex, and Room 215 of the Capitol. 
(f) The Floor of the Senate is all of the Senate Chamber except the adjoining hallway and the rooms listed in subdivision (e), the visitors seating areas, and the western portion of Room 3191. 
(g) Notwithstanding any other provisions of this rule any person may be admitted to Room 3191 and Room 215 to attend a meeting of a Senate, Assembly, joint or conference committee. 
(h) Notwithstanding any other provision of this rule, a person may not be permitted on the Floor of the Senate while it is in session unless the person is wearing appropriate attire. Appropriate attire includes coats and ties for men. Accredited camerapersons, sound technicians, and photographers are excepted from this requirement. Floor of the Senate, for this purpose, has the same meaning set forth in subdivision (f). 
(i) This rule may be suspended by a vote of two-thirds of the Members of the Senate.