Senate Gallery Rules

The following Senate Gallery Rules apply whenever the Senate is in Session:

1. Opens 15 minutes prior to Senate Floor Session. Closes upon adjournment of session.
2. You must be quiet at all times. No calling to a Senator or staff while they are in the Senate Chambers.
3. You must be seated at all times. No leaning over the balcony.
4. For safety reasons, no recording devices or camera phones in the Front Row of the Gallery.
5. Do not put anything on or over the balcony.
6. No signs may be displayed.
7. Only wallets, cameras, and cell phones are allowed.
8. Cell phones must be silenced. Please step outside of the Gallery to answer a call.

Any violation of these rules will lead to your dismissal from the Gallery and/or confiscation of items. These rules are subject to change at the discretion of the Senate Sergeant-at-Arms office and/or the Senate Rules Committee.